Welcome to Duo practice
for Midwifery!

Welkom bij Duo praktijk voor verloskunde!

What can you expect from us?

We’re committed midwives and aim to be in tune with you and your partner as much as we can, so that we can offer you exactly what you need. You’ll get all the space you need to make your own choices; we like to think along with you. Because we have a small team of three permanent midwives and a lot of time during  the check-ups we can get to know each other well.

We make sure you’ll get the most up to date information to make your decisions about prenatal screening, healthy eating and living, maternity care and birth, amongst others. We will discuss all the options with you: where you wish to give birth, at home or at the hospital, in a bath or on a birthing chair, with or without pain relief. You decide for yourself, we’re right next to you and are there for you. We take care of the right way to guide you, if need be also with other healthcare providers.

If you live in the area of Halfweg, Zwanenburg, Spaarndam, Haarlem, Boesingheliede or Lijnden then you can register with our Midwifery practice for the guidance of your pregnancy, delivery and maternity period.

We have consultation hours at locations in Haarlem, Zwanenburg and Spaarndam. If  you are interested in our ways of working, or would you like to get acquainted first, please contact us!

Our locations



Medisch centrum Spaarndam

Ringweg 32

2064 KK Spaarndam



Main location and postal address

Domineeslaan 91D

1161 BW Zwanenburg



Gezondheidscentrum de Koningin

Koninginneweg 31

2012 GJ Haarlem

Onze locaties


Medisch centrum Spaarndam

Ringweg 32

2064 KK Spaarndam


Main location and postal address

Domineeslaan 91D

1161 BW Zwanenburg


Gezondheidscentrum de Koningin

Koninginneweg 31

2012 GJ Haarlem

Who we are


Elisabeth Zwiers

In 2006 i was sworn in as a midwife. Time seems to fly by! 2007 was the year i started Duo practice for obstetrics. It has always been my wish to work in a small practice. I know that this gives the best possibilities providing care. The level of care connecting to the personal wishes during you’re pregnancy. Guiding the timeframe when you are pregnant, the birth and young parenthood keeps me intrigued! I am so proud of all the parents going through this proces, I look forward meeting you all!

  • Family: boyfriend Jon, daughters Lena and Lucie
  • Favourite drink: lots of (black) tea
  • Favourite snacks: potato chips, nuts, dates, vighs and rosemary breadsticks 
  • Makes me happy: drawing, painting, craftwork like knitting, cooking and baking with my girls
  • Favourite time of the day: evening when my best ideas come up.

Did you know; that Nikkie and Elisabeth visited the same high school? They know each other already from Waldorf School in Haarlem since they were teenagers!

Big number; 29065697603

Nikkie Koper

Since 2013 I am working as a midwife. I am a so called late bloomer because before this I have studied arts and economics. For a few years I worked in the cultural sector. Every year together with my boyfriend we make a nice trip and during one of those trips I decided to forfill my childhood wish of becoming a midwife. 4 years later i was sworn in and I guided my first solo home birth as an observer midwife with Duo practice for obstetrics. As from 2017 i am an official partner in our practice and Elisabeth and me form a duo. I love having lots of time for you as a client. This gives me the feeling that you feel comfortable and you can discuss anything!

  • Family: boyfriend Deen and son Fitz
  • Favourite drink; coffee and green tea
  • Makes me happy: to travel and discover the worlds beautiful places, reading books, singing, watching series, holiday preferably to tropical destinations where a different world feels so magic.
  • Favourite time of the day: the evening 

Did you know that Nikkie saw her first birth together with Elisabeth and after that decided to study obstetrics.

Big number: 49917258803

Zoila Meyer-Aartsen172 professioneel

Zoila Aartsen

After finishing my midwifery studies at the Amsterdam Academy of Midwifery in 2002, I worked as a midwife in Amsterdam for ten years. In 2012 my husband and I decided to move to the U.S. with our then 13-month-old daughter and our son on the way.
After nine wonderful years with rich experiences, we returned to the Netherlands in the beginning of 2021. Once we were back, I couldn’t wait to continue with my beautiful profession of midwifery.
Duo is unique in its size. It is a small practice that emphasis on creating time and space that allows
parents to receive the highest quality of midwifery care. During this special time in your life, we will work with you to provide a personal level of care that will best suit your needs. I believe it is important that you feel supported with empathy and attention during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. And that you take away a positive experience. Everyone is unique and I am looking forward meeting you.

Big number: 279057863803

The Process



Contact us

Neem contact op

Contact/ Bereikbaarheid

Wij zijn  24/7 telefonisch bereikbaar op 020-2440431  We maken gebruik van een keuzemenu. Lees hieronder welke keus voor jou van toepassing is: 
Wat is wat en wie krijg je aan de telefoon? 

Keuze 1: SPOED

Je krijgt de dienstdoende verloskundige aan de telefoon (Astrid, Nikkie of Elisabeth)

  • Als de bevalling is begonnen
  • Bij bloedverlies welke termijn dan ook
  • Als je je zorgen maakt 
  • Als je je kindje minder voelt bewegen 

Ben je een collega? Toets dan 1 dan krijg je ons direct aan de lijn. 

Keuze 2: telefonisch spreekuur

Tussen 9-13u hebben wij telefonisch spreekuur

  • Voor kleine vragen die ook kunnen wachten
  • Het aanvragen van de NIPT of combinatietest
  • Het aanvragen van een zwangerschapsverklaring
  • Het maken of wijzigen van een afspraak
  • Het plannen van een afspraak voor het plaatsen van een spiraal

Het kan zijn dat er meerdere mensen bellen en dan kan het zijn dat je in de wachtrij komt. Wij zullen je zo snel als mogelijk te woord staan. Spreek je liever een bericht in? Kies dan voor optie 3. 

Keuze 3:

Direct een voicemail bericht inspreken, 

  • als je bijvoorbeeld niet andere vragen hebt, maar iets aan ons door wilt geven
  • Alleen een zwangerschapsverklaring aan wilt vragen
  • Buiten telefonisch spreekuur belt en je afspraak wilt wijzigen
  • Je graag teruggebeld wilt worden

Ben je zwanger en wil je een afspraak maken voor een eerste controle? Via de website kan je aangeven wanneer wij je kunnen bellen voor het inplannen van een eerste afspraak, maar je mag je ook telefonisch aanmelden. Kies hiervoor optie 2, en indien na 13u optie 1.

Wil je ons een whats app bericht sturen? dan kan dat op 06-50494811. Let op, wij reageren alleen overdag op gestuurde berichten.

Frequently asked questions

Folic acid supports the cell division process in the body. This is very important for the forming and development of the fetus. Folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects in the child. In an unborn baby the neural tube is the beginning of the spinal cord and the brain. When something goes wrong in the forming and development of the neural tube, abnormalities can develop in the spinal cord or brain during the pregnancy. This means the baby could have a split spine, an open skull, cleft lip or cleft palate.

We advise you to take a folic acid tablet of 0,4 – 0,5 milligrams daily up to the 11th week of your pregnancy. You can get folic acid tablets at the drugstore or pharmacy without a prescription. It will take about 4 weeks for your body to absorb the extra folic acid. Therefore, it is advised to start taking folic acid the moment you want children. Is your pregnancy unplanned or are you pregnant sooner than expected? Start with folic acid tablets as soon as you can.

A couple of things are wise to arrange in time when pregnant, here’s a little list to help:

  • sign up for maternity care (you can opt for an organisation or a self-employed carer)
  • Recognition of the unborn foetus (preferably before the 24th week)
  • Request a maternity package from your health insurer or purchase it yourself
  • You could look into adjusting your health insurance (check carefully whether the costs of the additional insurance are in proportion to what you may be using). A restitution policy could come handy.
  • Parental authority (only when you are not married). This can only be arranged after the birth of your baby.

You can get one from us once the due date has been determined through the use of the term ultrasound.

We are always available for you. We are available day and night in case of contractions, emergencies, concerns or urgent questions. Should you wish to make or change an appointment or do you have a question that’s not urgent, please call us weekdays 12:30 and 13:30 (during our telephone consultation hour) on 06-50494811 (also the emergency number).

If you are unable to reach us on this number and you need to get in touch with us urgently, please call our back-up number: 06-18513806.

  • Is your pregnancy in the very first stages and are you having blood loss? You may always call us. Especially when you think the loss of blood is excessive, do feel free to contact us.
  • Call us immediately when you are 12 weeks along or more and have blood loss.
  • If the blood you lose is bright red we would like you to call us immediately. During contractions you may lose a little bit of mucus-like blood, this is normal and is called “tekenen” (“bloody show”). If you have any doubts about this and we’re not with you yet, you can always consult us. Did you lose the mucus plug but do not have contractions yet, there’s no need to call us as it’s no indication of whether or when you will go into labour.

When you eat healthy you won’t need to take extra vitamins during your pregnancy. If you do want to use multi-vitamins, choose multi-vitamins for pregnant women and preferably a brand that uses natural vitamines. In this case it is important to look at the amount of folic acid they contain. If the amount is 0.4-0.5 milligrams you won’t need to take any additional folic acid.

We advise you further to take enough vitamin D3 and B12. The “Gezondheidsraad” (Dutch Health Council) advises pregnant women to take an extra 10 micrograms of vitamin D as a precaution. This can help reduce fatigue and is beneficial for the development of your child.

A maternity package contains everything you’ll need during labour and birth but can also be very useful during the postpartum period. So even if you plan on giving birth at the hospital a maternity package is essential. You can order a maternity package from your health insurer. If your insurance only covers the basic needs you may not have it reimbursed. You can purchase the maternity package as well from a drugstore or pharmacy.

The contents of your suitcase should foremost make a day+night admission more pleasant. So think of 1 set of clothes, nightwear, toiletries and 2 sets of clothes for the baby, in 2 different sizes for instance. Furthermore, think of comfy socks, sweatpants and a charger for your phone.

Are you considering a water birth? We’re happy to hear! Giving birth in a warm bath provides additional relaxation. As a result, delivery often goes more smoothly because you produce less stress hormones and more endorphins (natural relaxants). The transition from the uterus to the outside world goes very smoothly because of the water. The baby is supplied with oxygen via the umbilical cord and therefore can stay underwater for a bit after the birth. Breathing will only start when its face comes into contact with the colder air.

You cannot always give birth in a bath in the hospital. In the “Bevalcentrum West” (birthing centre at OLVG-west) and in Spaarne Gasthuis, location south, there’s the possibility to have a water birth as long as your admission is non-medical.

It’s not possible to give birth in a normal bath. These are often too narrow, preventing us from helping you for instance when the baby is being born with difficulty. Of course you can use a regular bath during the dilation contractions. If you really want to give birth in a bath it is possible to rent a special birthing pool. Let us know if you’re interested in renting our birthing pool!

Is your question not listed here?