Prenatal screening

During pregnancy there are several ways to test for a number of birth defects. The prenatal screening consists of 3 parts:

1. Blood test for pregnant women around 12 weeks

This blood test detects diseases that can make your child ill even before being born. It is almost always possible to treat you during pregnancy and protect your baby this way. This is why the blood test is offered this early in pregnancy. Treatment can be started as soon as possible. see the following website for more information

2. The screening test for Down’s syndrome, Edward’s syndrome and Patau’s syndrome (combined test)

You can have it examined (screening) how likely it is that your child has Down’s syndrome, Edward’s syndrome or Patau’s syndrome. This examination is done early in pregnancy. The combined test is not mandatory. See the following website for more information screening

3. The 20-week scan, or structural anatomy or anomaly scan

With the 20-week scan you can have examined whether your child has any physical abnormalities. The 20-week scan is not a “fun” or gender ultrasound but a medical examination.
The main purpose of the 20-week scan is to examine whether your child has a split spine or an open skull. The development of your child’s intestines is also being thoroughly checked. Other physical abnormalities may also be found this way. Also the growth of the child will be checked and whether there is sufficient amniotic fluid.

During your first appointment at the practice we’ll discuss the various possible tests with you.

Via the link below you can find more detailed information about all the mentioned tests, to prepare you for the first appointment at our practice.


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